YouTube wants to take a page from Kickstarter with crowdfunding tools for video producers


YouTube (S GOOG) is getting ready to join the crowdfunding boom: The Google-owned video service is looking to add crowdfunding tools to the arsenal of monetization methods it is offering its video creators. YouTube made the announcement on Friday with a blog post and video that also previewed a few other creator-focused initiatives, including crowdsourced captioning and a mobile analytics app.

The video has YouTube Product Manager Rehan Ratnatungha saying:

“The problem is, a lot of this funding happens off YouTube. So I’ve been thinking about we can do this directly on YouTube, allowing fans to fund the creators that they really love.”

YouTube has been facing criticism from creators in recent months, with some arguing that ad revenue on the site falls below expectations. A few of the biggest YouTube networks have tried to take their business elsewhere, with mixed success. Individual video producers have also increasingly looked to sites like…

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