Sweetless Diwali!

Diwali, the festival of light is celebrated with lights, of course, SWEETS, good wishes and family reunions. But, when it comes to handling of food, Indians have a very laid back attitude towards it. Recently, me and my friends took a walk around the bustling market place near his place, in New Delhi, to buy some ‘sweet’ gifts for the festival. But the sweets soon turned bitter as we took a walk around the shops vending the exquisite collection of ‘Mithais’, and finally we decided not to go for food items. Some reasons, why we decided not to gift our dear ones with food items, prepared by well known and lesser known ‘sweet’ vendors of the city.. no, the nation.

1. The sweets were kept in the OPEN, decorated inside colorful packages as usual. All kinds of vehicles and automobiles dressed them with a layer of street dust. I am not allergic to street dust, but it is not palatable!

2. The people serving and packing the food items, looked haggard and smelled of sweat, NOT SWEET, for working long hours for the ocassion. Some shops operate for more than 12 hours on busy days, such as a festival such as Diwali. So..

3. Hands.. we ordered a plate of sweets to be tasted before packing and what we saw almost shocked us! The guy used his bare hands to serve my friend and the left hands to serve mine. Germs and hygiene is not a concern when it is Diwali! It happened on a renown sweets chain of the city, known for quality sweets.

And we returned without buying any sweets out of concern for our loved ones health.

Wishing everyone a Happy Sweetless Diwali !!