Custom Suicide Notice

What is CSN?

Stands for Custom Suicide Notice.


Future. A globe competing for resources through means other than military.

A good education makes responsible citizens. Responsibility envisages a huge amount of activities which are expected of the citizens. Those who are in a position to better their lives and the life of others do not opt for CSN whereas others would be free to produce a Custom Suicide Notice.
A CSN is produced by an individual or a party citing his/her responsibility towards the nation(?), people, land, environment whichever applicable and produces it before the authorities (?) for acknowledgement. The CSN approach can be taken by individuals of voting age (mature) or by parents of newly born babies. Those who have completed a good education and has realised his position in a highly unproductive scenario (no resources, regular or common skills, no or very less connections, etc.) can opt for CSN. He/She will deliberately declare his situation and his will to end himself so as to stop being a burden of the society or more positively to donate his existing resources to some other individual. But he/she might choose to exist digitally after his suicide.

Parents who have given birth to new borns will take the CSN way when they both agree that their combined resources could make possible the existence of only one individual, ie. the child. They can exist virtually and do the necessary
upbringing of the child but will consume no more resources.

Benefits of CSN

A Custom Suicide Notice will enable considerable amount of resource saving as well as clear the ground for peaceful but limited┬áliving. Those who know that their resources are limited will act to survive or lengthen their lives, promoting competition and innovation. Whereas those who fail to make their lives productive within the said means and resources will have no other way, but to opt for CSN. CSN can reduce the number of individual conflicts, which spur so called development, as the right to terminate one’s life will rest on the individual himself and not on gun totting extremists or from flying shrapnels dropped from supersonic jet fighters, if they do exist.