The future is Apolitical

Some recent developments & a few tech stories have me again scribbling about the future.

So, the future would be AI, we all know that and that AI would be providing better solutions than what humans had been doing till this moment. 

First, there would be more efficient management of resources due to absense of profiteering. Second, countries would merge and the state would be only one global entity (that way pollution, food, resources are better managed). Third, political & media rubbish would end and the present Deep State would take over the leadership of the world (I don’t know how) They might control everything (nightmares too, remember we would have human computer interfaces) But, there would not be a Deep State by that time as it would be a legal (?) entity which would do the control.. I guess legal & control would be unused words as humankind would be self sufficient & there would be no need to make anything illegal. People would have universal income & food would be nutritous & lab grown. Everyone would know everything about everybody, there would be no privacy either.