A Particular Rose Variety

Flowers..? But I am not adept at identifying flower varieties.. only when much intrigued by a blossom, I google up for its name, most of the time. I always have a hard time remembering the names of common flowers I see around me.

My aunt, who remained a bachelorette by choice, all throughout her life, spent a considerable amount of time among her plants. Her favorite, once she told me, were bougainvillas. Her second favorite were roses. She could create double color gradients in her roses and introduced me to the process of grafting.

Why do roses always have thorns?

Because, it is how they protect themselves..

Then why doesn’t other flowers have thorns to protect themselves?

I don’t know!!

Wild roses are a new found curiosity. I have come across wild rose shrubs a couple of times in the wilds around my place.. Sometimes, my aunt grew them too.. but since they are so difficult to manage & often appear unruly.. they are the choice of haunt for hornets & wild bees.

Wild roses appear very attractive in the wilderness.. often growing with their rose cousins, in thick bunches. Plucking a single flower out of those tiny bunches is as difficult as plucking the whole bunch together, without getting pierced by its thorns.. or, if you are lucky, getting stung by angry hornets.




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