A study of communication in an Invisible Theatre (I)

The proposed models of communication, places a sender and a receiver at opposite positions for a communication to effectively take place. A sender sends a message across a medium aimed for a reciever.

]S[ ——————————————–> ]R[

The style ‘Invisible Theatre’ is a form of theatre where the actors assume the role of both sender and reciever in the play, for the necessary movement of plot, thus creating a ‘SEREVER’ a hybrid of sender/recievers which creates information among themselves and a participatory audience.

SEREVERS has to be on a network; drama is itself a type of communication networking, where actors form a communication network among themselves to execute a drama plot. The audience forms a part of the second network which consistently decodes the message of the primary communication, the drama itself. In this case the actors become the senders, drama a medium and the audience, the receivers.

The actors and the audience are the SEREVERS which act out a drama, by being on a network formed by themselves. The SEREVERS are either senders or receivers for the fixed duration of time that the drama takes place.

We can not ignore the basic communication model which places the sender and receiver at two ends of the model. Drama is unquestionably a form of communication where the actors and the audience can be positioned at two ends, from where we can assume that information has flowed from one end to the other, the actors as senders and the audience as receivers using the medium of drama.

But due to the nature of Invisible Theatre, where the drama becomes a part of the audience, it merges theatrical reality and the actual in a certain way, which is driven to a great extent by the conscious execution of a drama plot by the audience/actors. It never occurs to the audience, unless revealed that they are part of a plot, thus hijacking their reality for a specific duration in time.

Some deductions can be assumed from the scenario, when viewed as a study on communication.

1. The hijacking of the reality by a drama, actually brings actors (sender) to the plane of the audience (receiver). the actors become the SEREVERS.

2. Since, the drama lost its place as a performance, and became enacted reality, no communication did actually take place, due to lack of actors (senders).

3. Or, the audience too became part of the SEREVERS because some necessary communication did occur between the SEREVERS which took the drama to a logical conclusion in a fixed duration in time.

4. The Invisible drama is an act by all SEREVERS


To be continued..