Intoxication, not necessarily out of abusing drugs & substances, but from mindless consumption of unaesthetic consumable art is milder compared to religious or political intoxication. Symptoms of such intoxication are less visible as the enormity of the number of cases make the symptom or the addiction itself a ‘normal’, that which falls under normal levels for behavioural statisticians. Only in some cases, where the severity of addiction is high, we observe a ‘fan following’ of the said aesthetic phenomenon or in religious or political scenarios, a certain amount of orthodoxy pertaining to the beliefs propagated through these systems.

Almost all kinds of intoxications is the result of hormone flows inside our bodies.. why certain substances and ideas secrete more hormones, creating more sensations of pleasure is a subjective choice, varying from person to person. Eg, a certain type of humour appeals to a type of people who are capable of entertaining certain ideas in mind. The same reason why a joke might not be a joke for everyone. Culture & geographies play important roles in creating healthy or harmful intoxication whereas a lack of fruitful intoxication leads to unhealthy addictions.