To say it or not!

Yes! That was exactly what I was thinking about before picking up my phone with an intent of ever noting down what terrific thoughts that I did not have that could have made subjects of beautiful cinemas.. Or is it the world, which is too full of people talking on the phone..


The subnet is the unseen of the internet..


A genuine problem with my unfocused mind and not written for a period of time now that, the task of writing appears to be intellectually tiresome. It demands creativity and of course, a plot to talk about, where you are supposed to reveal the plot as an interesting one.. your story has to be coherent in subject & its treatment to make enough sense..

But why would anyone on earth want to see an incoherent film.. there would be no visible plot to the show.. called the film, which has a hero and like other heroes wants to change the whole system or save someone important to him, I mean to the viewer..

Now the protagonist has nothing else to do or he was not a protagonist at all with no stories to narrate.. and all such things behind writing and not writing what I want and want not to share.. hey! have you heard of that store where they are selling nothin for free..??